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Every one of us is unique, which is why every consultation is informed by you, designed together and performed by one of our highly trained and qualified practitioners.

Our patients come to our clinic with a wide range of requirements, including…

Joint, Neck &
Back Pain Relief

Sports Injury


How can we help?

treating your body as a whole

Whatever sports you play, lifestyle you lead or adventure you chase, Winchester Wellness provides the highest quality care from an inter-disciplinary team to optimise your health and wellness.

kris smith, FOUNDER

Always learning

Keeping up to date with the latest science from healthcare around the world, combined with extensive education and clinical experience, our philosophy focuses on proactive early intervention to increase efficiency and longevity of results. Kris Smith has recently been published in Orthopaedic Proceedings.

One -to-one pilates sessions available

at flexible times to suit you

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You couldn't be in better hands


Kris Smith

clinical principal

Lucy Bransgrove

Lucy Bransgrove

clinical principal

recommended mins physical activity per week
children meeting guidelines for physical activity per day
hours sleep lowers the risk of becoming obese
bones in the spine

Treating Winchester and the local area

Based in beautiful Kings Worthy with on-site free parking, our high quality healthcare is easy to access from Winchester or the surrounding villages.

What our clients say

how could we help you?

Kris helped me recover from a major operation; helped restore my physical confidence and self esteem; helped when the doctors said there was nothing more they could do; helped me start a new chapter in my life. His excellent work saved my life. Thank you.
Since I’ve been seeing Lucy I have learnt so much about the mechanics of my back problems and the causes of the issue. Within six weeks of first going to her it felt like a complete reversal and undoing of years of punishment to that area. Lucy is a brilliant Physio, she will help you understand your problem and give you the ammo you need to keep it in check!
I basically wanted to thank you for sending me for the initial MRI scan. I've had cord decompression surgery as it was caude equine as I think you may have suspected, sadly the GP didn't act on the scan at the time. So yeah basically massive pat on the back for you and I wish you every success in the future, I'm certain you will go far. Thank you for your care.

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