Appointments & Fees

How to Book an Appointment

The quickest way to book an appointment is by clicking the button below and using our integrated online booking system.

If you have any queries or are unable to book an appointment online, please do not hesitate to call us on

01962 790799

Our fees

We offer flexible hours to suit you, and tailored treatments based on individual requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss larger groups or long-term treatment options.


£ 70
initial consultation
£ 65
follow up


£ 70
initial consultation
£ 65
follow up

rehab pilates

£ 60
£ 30 pp

health coach

£ 75
Initial consultation
£ 65
Follow up
£ 60
EFT (tapping)

sports massage

£ 65
1 hour
£ 55
45 minutes
£ 40
30 minutes

group pilates

£ 12
1 hour
£ 10 pp
45 minutes
£ 6 pp
online classes


Do you offer same day appointments?

We strive to provide consultation times as soon as possible to get you on the road to recovery. We open from 5:30pm on weekday evenings so if you call before this time we will endeavour to find you a slot that same evening. Similarly, on weekends we are open 9am-4pm, therefore as long as we are not fully booked we will aim to fit you in that same day.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

If you can no longer make an appointment we will be happy to reschedule this for you with more than 24 hours notice. Unfortunately, if we have less than 24 hours notice (including no notice at all), you will still be charged as this may mean another patient misses out on a time suitable to them.

What if I’m late?

The team at Winchester Wellness believe that to be effective and valuable we need to spend at least 40 minutes with each patient, therefore if you are late to your appointment it will be at the practitioner’s discretion whether it would be better to reschedule or not. We will not run into another patient’s time slot, as I’m sure you can understand.

Can I park at the clinic?

Yes, when you turn into Westgate School (you will see our sign from Cheriton Road), follow the little unnamed road right up to Car Park G. There are plenty of spaces in here. However, if particularly busy, it is possible to park on Cheriton Road and walk up past the school.

What should I wear/bring?

We will often need to see more than just the problem area as sometimes the cause can be found in a different place to where you are feeling symptoms. Therefore, please bring some comfortable shorts (and sports bra for ladies) if you would feel uncomfortable in underwear. We will absolutely respect any concerns you have about undressing and will endeavour to assess as thoroughly as possible with what you are comfortable in. We also have blankets to keep you warm and protect your modesty. Please speak to your practitioner at any time if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Can I use my private medical insurance (PMI)?

You can claim back our physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions from your PMI as long as you are covered. Please contact the company you are registered with prior to your appointment to check exactly what they will cover. We will take payment from you at the time of the appointment and give you a receipt to claim back what you are entitled to.

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